Pay Per Click Advertising , PPC

What is PPC?

PPC (pay-per-click) is also called paid search marketing and it is the fastest and most controlled way to make your website visible to your target audience. By selecting what phrases you want to appear for, we specify a price we are willing to pay for a click and can tart driving traffic to your site.

The benefit of PPC is that it is an “engagement marketing” channel whereas traditional channels such as regional press advertising are an “interruption marketing” channel. With PPC, potential customers are actively seeking out products & services to satisfy an immediate need.

For instance, a dry cleaning business in Hyde might want to appear for any searches for “dry cleaning” targeting the Hyde area.

For transactional websites, we can tell you what sales & revenue your PPC campaigns are delivering and make changes to maximise the benefit to your business.

With PPC you can control things such as:

  • What search phrases you want to appear for
  • What you want your ads to say when they show
  • Where they link through to on your site
  • The day of week/time of day that your ads appear
    For instance, you may not want ads to show when the business is closed
  • The geographic region where your ads appear
    We can tell the advertising system to only show your ads in certain locations
  • What devices you want your ads to show on
    If your site isn’t mobile-friendly we can tell Google not to show ads on searches carried out on mobile devices


The 2 most popular systems for PPC management are AdWords (Owned by Google) and Bing Ads (a joint venture by Microsoft and Yahoo).

Whilst Google AdWords is the most popular with an approximate 95% market share it is also worthwhile utilising Bing Ads due to the quality of traffic from the Yahoo and Bing search engines.

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