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When the word social media is heard people think about Facebook or Twitter however there are numerous other platforms online. Locating the platforms that work for your connection with customers is of great importance. Is your audience using Twitter? Are they constantly tracking their ex on Facebook? Are they trying to find another job on LinkedIn? Are they pinning many interesting images on Pinterest?

Digital Marketing ROI is a social media service that is created to have you stay in complete control of your numerous messages that are sent via social media networks and is founded on the understanding of your special business objectives and challenges. As with all other things, one size hardly ever fits all and that is why our company’s social media service shows clear focus on your company’s important matters.

Our Social Team Can Help

We will assure you don’t ever fall into the well-publicized #epicfail campaign or a compiling of “The 10 Biggest Social Media Disasters…” In addition we won’t totally control your accounts because we are aware that people would like to talk to you and not only listen to only continuous, one-way sales that have messages shoved from a marketing agency. Through our social media marketing services we can guide you and help you with the following:

Social Consultancy

We will assist you in creating a social strategy that is founded on your ending goal. You might have already obtained marketing teams in-house that need guidance or you might need us to create your entire social presence. We will assist you in getting the right approach.

Brand Management

Securing and finding the correct profiles and usernames among many channels is important. Your brand is truly important and our social team is always there to help turn customer problems into praise.

Social Nature and Tone

Businesses use social media platforms in many different ways. We will assist you in finding the best voice tone and style that is right for you, ensuring that your business is shown just the way that you want it to be.

Social Media Monitoring

We will search through social networks to ensure that you are aware of who is chatting about you, what they talk about and what they think, and if it is positive or not. This is done to make sure that you are ahead of conversations at all times and always ready to pitch in when needed.

Social PPC

In addition to the standard updates, social ads are used to raise your presence or to create interests in new products. This might happen through Twitter account promotions and trends, LinkedIn and Facebook Ads, or YouTube sponsorships, and Pinterest or Instagram content.

Social PR

Our contacts and relationships with some major bloggers, publishers, influencers and journalists means that we can assist you in bring together gaps in online and offline content that will help you get the coverage that your content needs.

Community Management and Building

Our team will assist you in finding industry influencers and advocates for the future of your brand which will help you create a connected fan base that shows great interest and shares your content regularly between their friends.

Creative Discussion

Our social team will assist you in creating fast and responsive updates that totally hit marks and will spark more conversations that will help your brand coverage throughout the industry.

Analysis and Reporting

We crave data and our reporting for social media will help locate and inform future activities not only within your social circles but among many other marketing channels.

Cross Channel Promotion

By using our reporting insights and analysis we ensure that your message gets to your targeted audience and that is works among each one of your marketing channels which gives you a comprehensible voice that is easily recognised among the internet.

We Can Help You

We are very social and our business we receive mostly comes from referrals and recommendations from friends and clients who are aware of our working style. We don’t believe that salesmen should do our talking and that is why we think you should directly talk to our clients to gain the understanding of what we do and who we are.

Our pricing for social media is totally personalised and is created upon your situation and your current objectives.

Get a hold of Digital Marketing ROI right now to learn about our social media marketing (SMM) services that will help your business.

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